MotorOne has been the innovator in high performance car care products for over 40 years. MotorOne’s range of high performance car care products and window films are the very latest in technology, aligning with both the diverse and harsh Australian environment and specifically designed for those who enjoy our Australian lifestyle. Not only do our range of products protect against our harsh environment, they also significantly reduce the time, effort and cost associated with maintaining the condition of your vehicle.

It is estimated that whether it be exterior or interior protection or one of the many other MotorOne products in the range, one in every two new cars on the road in Australia has a MotorOne product applied.

MotorOne have aligned themselves with one of Australia's most well known and respected non-for-profit organisations; Cancer Council. Scroll down to read more about MotorOne's corporate partnerships with this outstanding organisation. 


Industry Innovators and Supporters

MotorOne have been partnering with the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) for 10 years. Being a platinum partner with AADA means we’re committed to supporting the Australian Automotive Dealer Industry. MotorOne also contributors to industry committees and events to help build options for consumers considering products and services in the industry. 
We take our position of Aftermarket industry leader extremely serious, sourcing product from every corner of the globe so we can ensure our dealer partners and their customers receive nothing but the best. We provide avenues to source information, we aim to educate, we stand by our products and the benefits they provide to customers. 
Our 40+ year heritage in Australia simply shows that when it comes to product and customer satisfaction – we are in it for the long haul. 


About Vehicle Protection

Spend less time washing your vehicle!

Our History

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    2014 and beyond

    Protection Revolution

    As nanotechnology continues to drive technological advancements, MotorOne will be at the forefront of research and development, harnessing the latest global technology and providing cutting edge solutions to vehicle protection.

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    Exclusive Premium Range

    MotorOne develops a High Performance Vehicle Protection Program exclusively for Audi and for Lexus.

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    MotorOne celebrate the milestone of contributing $2 million to Cancer Council through the sales of our endorsed window films.

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    Exclusive HSV range

    MotorOne becomes the official licensee of the HSV myCARE High Performance Vehicle Protection Program. MotorOne develops a High Performance Vehicle Protection Program exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.

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    Things get electric

    AutoXtreme, the leader in vehicle electronics for cars, trucks and special services joins the MotorOne team to create an even wider range of quality vehicle solutions for our customers.

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    Exclusive BMW range

    MotorOne develops a High Performance Vehicle Protection Program exclusively for BMW.

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    Non organic range

    MotorOne introduced the first non organic range of vehicle protection products to Australia. Unlike PTFE (Teflon-like) formulas, non organic paint protection does not break down when exposed to the environment, therefore significantly extending the life of the protection.

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    Cancer Council Licensee

    MotorOne become the official licensee of Cancer Council Endorsed Window Films. This relationship has substantially increased Cancer Council's capacity to educate the public about the importance of sun protection, aiding in the fight reduce skin cancer.

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    Decades of developments

    MotorOne's formulas were again enhanced. Our patented formula with Neutra C (a powerful neutralising and dispersing agent), created the added protection against damage caused by bird droppings and tree sap.

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    Window Film

    MotorOne added high quality window films to their product range.

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    A new era

    Silicone is removed from the Ming formula - the introduction of our fluoropolymer-based formula created a new era in paint protection. The non-stick properties made cleaning easier and provided protection against oxidisation and loss of gloss.

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    Ming moves to Australia

    MotorOne obtained the international rights to the Ming trademark, secret formula and application process.



MotorOne, now in its 10th year of partnership with Cancer Council Australia, is very proud to announce that we have raised over $3.4 million for the Cancer Council through the sales of our endorsed window films.


The relationship between MotorOne and Cancer Council was initiated in 2002 in Victoria, and has since evolved into an exclusive national licensing agreement with Cancer Council Australia. In line with Cancer Council’s stringent testing and evaluation for any endorsed product, Cancer Council Window Films have been independently tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) resulting in the highest possible UPF rating of 50+. Click here to download the report

MotorOne, with the help of accredited automotive dealerships throughout Australia, contributes funds from the sale of UV Shield, UV Clear and Dark Night to Cancer Council to help fund awareness and education programs in the fight to reduce skin cancer. Click here to read Caner Council's letter of appreciation to MotorOne and accredited dealerships.                                                                            

  Click here to view detailed information on our Cancer Council endorsed window film range. 

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