MotorOne. Miles Ahead Of The Rest.

As aftermarket partners to more than 1300 dealerships nationally, MotorOne provides a complete aftermarket program to support and performance manage this important department. Our commitment to our dealer network is in integral part of how together, we can deliver an exceptional showroom experience for all our customers.

The Facts:

  • Market leader since 1972
  • Industry supporters - 10 year partnership with AADA
  • Current Platinum supports of AADA
  • Partner with 1300 dealers nationally
  • Have access to over 150 application centres across Australia
  • Performance manage over 900 car care consultants
  • We supply product or service to 1 in every 2 new cars sold in Australia
  • MotorOne has more then 500+ employees and contractors, contributing to delivering a seamless service and superior products for our end customers

What gives our products the edge.

  • Our products are engineered exclusively for vehicles and the environment they will be exposed to
  • Nano-Technology based products
  • Organic ingredients, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic
  • Titanium dioxide Ti02 helps oxidize (break down) surface contaminants, loosening organic dirt particles from the surface
  • Enhanced with a UV protectant to prevent discolouration and premature aging
  • Provides exceptional stain resistance against bird and bat droppings and tree sap
  • Chemically inert and will not react with contaminants from the environment
  • Silica liquid glass properties provide a long lasting durable coating once cured, leaving a smooth and slippery surface
  • An efficient one coat application process with no inspections^. The products can be applied to all exterior surfaces without creating any damage or leaving residues, hard waxes or discolouration to rubbers and mouldings
  • Interior Surface Coatings contain Bactishield®, a bacterial protection system
  • All our High Performance Coatings come with an ACL compliant Lifetime Warranty*

The majority of dealers choose to partner with MotorOne. 

  • Our vehicle protection products are engineered exclusively for vehicles. 
  • We are the industry leaders in the research and development of new products and services
  • We have a unique recruitment, training and performance management program, so we can ensure optimum performance for your dealership
  • Our national training team, headed up by qualified and experienced professionals provide training and development interventions of a global industry standard
  • Personalised training plans for each consultant to ensure we tailor their development to achieve the best possible results
  • We provide extensive support from our dedicated account managers for your consultants and dealership team
  • We provide the latest in IT solutions, with up-to-date technology and web based media
  • We are constantly looking for new and creative ideas in presenting vehicle protection packages to provide your customers with a delightful experience
  • We have streamlined application process
  • We have a dedicated MotorOne in-house marketing and design team so we can provide your dealership with the hottest looking marketing material

Don't take our word for it.

See what some of our key dealership customers have to say about their experience with MotorOne. 

Penfold Motors - Managing Director

Phil Gilbert Motor Group - General Manager 

Stillwell Motor Group - Executive Director

Industry Supporters.

MotorOne have been partnering with the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) for 11 years. Being a platinum partner with AADA means we’re committed to supporting the Australian Automotive Dealer Industry. MotorOne also contributors to industry committees and events to help build options for consumers considering products and services in the industry. 
We take our position of Aftermarket industry leader extremely serious, sourcing product from every corner of the globe so we can ensure our dealer partners and their customers receive nothing but the best. We provide avenues to source information, we aim to educate, we stand by our products and the benefits they provide to customers.
Our 40+ year heritage in Australia simply shows that when it comes to product and customer satisfaction – we are in it for the long haul

Want to know more?

If you're interested to know more about how your dealership can utilise the superior products and services offed by MotorOne click here to fill out an enquiry form and one of our staff members will be in contact. 


A closer look at what's in the bottle.

Dealership exclusive products:

MotorOne's range of products are available exclusively through dealerships. Our products are also engineered using nano-technology, meaning they are of superior quality to other products out in the market place. All MotorOne products are safe to handle and are applied by trained applicators. Click here to read more about our High Performance product range. 


Our Process: MotorOne deploy a multi-channel recruitment process to ensure we help find the consultant best suited for your dealership. Our fully trained Recruitment Consultant's monitor a strict job application process including multiple interviews, online testing and behavioural profiling.

Our Resources: MotorOne have dedicated Recruitment Consultants in each state to ensure your dealership receives the individual service they require to find a suitable consultant.


MotorOne have a range of training programs that are developed by our Instructional Designer with more than 30 years industry and training experience.   

Induction Program: All MotorOne consultants must actively participate in our induction training program where they are provided with the knowledge and skill set needed to start them on the learning journey to becoming a successful Car Care Consultant.

Advanced Training Programs: We also conduct a wide range of training programs, workshops and focus groups. These programs are tailored to the needs of the market and skill levels of consultants and facilitated by our national training team.

Customised Training Programs: MotorOne believe in an integrated approach right across the dealership. With programs that include Professional Introductions to Car Care, Product Knowledge Workshops to create confidence during the handover, and also a wide range of other sales programs to support vehicle sales and service, we are happy to tailor a program to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Account Management:

You will enjoy the support of a dedicated Account Manager who will provide support, coaching and performance reviews for your Car Care Consultant and Dealership Management. Our Account Managers are professionally recruited for their industry knowledge and experience, and because they support a number of other consultants as part of their portfolio, bring an enormous amount of shared “best practice” principles to your dealership. Our Account Managers will frequently visit the Car Care Consultant on-site to ensure they are getting the best result for your dealerships.

Performance Management:

Our Account Managers monitor and benchmark all consultants to ensure that there is continual performance and profitability from your aftermarket department. We can also provide weekly (and if required daily) reporting summary sheets to your dealership.

Warranty Management:

MotorOne warrant all of our products and services. All MotorOne warranties are Australia Consumer Law Compliant and the warranty is included in the purchase of the product (at no additional cost to your dealership or customer).

MotorOne have an enviable reputation when it comes to supporting and honoring our warranties. Our efficient and time-sensitive warranty procedure is managed nationally by the Operations Manager in each of the states – making any warranty claims as seamless as possible.

Dedicated Marketing Support:

MotorOne offer the services of an in-house marketing, social media and graphic design team to create any customised material to enhance every opportunity. No job is too big or too small for our marketing team who are happy to work directly with your dealership to create the perfect point of sale item for your dealership. 

Want to know more?

If you're interested to know more about how your dealership can utilise the superior products and services offed by MotorOne click here to fill out an enquiry form and one of our staff members will be in contact. 

 *Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply. 

^"No ongoing inspections" applies to our High Performance product range and may differ depending on the product purchased. Please ask MotorOne for more details or refer to product warranty. 



Complete Vehicle Protection

Contains self cleaning properties!

About Vehicle Protection

Spend less time washing your vehicle!

Complete Vehicle Protection

July 2014

Contains self cleaning properties!

About Vehicle Protection

July 2014

Spend less time washing your vehicle!