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Protektiv Vehicle Protection System

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General Questions

Q.   Where can i purchase MotorOne products from?

A.   MotorOne products are available exclusively from authorised automotive dealerships. To find your closet authorised dealerships, please send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch.

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Protektiv Vehicle Protection System

Q.   What are the main ingredients of the Protektiv Paint Surface Coating and why is Protektiv different to traditional paint protection products?

A.   The coating contains both silica (which is the main ingredient in glass and crystalware which produces a long lasting durable gloss ) and ceramic (which gives the coating incredible resistance to abrasion).  Abrasion from road grime and dirt causes many traditional paint protection products break down over time.  Protektiv is a once-off permanent solution. 


Q.   What is the difference between Silicon and Silicone?

A.   In simple terms, silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element; silicone is a synthetic substance. 

Silicon is the second most abundant element on the earth’s crust (after oxygen). The element is most commonly seen as silicon dioxide (also known as silica) which is the most common component of sand.  Sand is the main constituent of glass and crystalware products. Surface coatings for paint such as Protektiv that contain silicon dioxide produce outstanding gloss and shine, durability, and protection against a wide range of environmental contaminates.

Silicone by contrast is a synthetic polymer and is generally a liquid or rubberlike plastic.  It is used in a wide range of sealants, kitchen products and personal care items such as shampoo and shaving cream.  Silicone is no longer used in most paint protection products due to the potential for problems with repairing/repainting damaged panels.


Q.   How do I maintain the vehicle once the coating is applied?

A.   Easy – just hand wash using a ph neutral shampoo/car wash.  The coating reduces the adhesion of dirt and grime creating an easy-clean surface that will never need waxing or polishing.


Q.   Will the coating stop damage caused by bird droppings?

A.   Yes – Protektiv protects against a wide range of environmental contaminates including the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter.  The coating also prevents oxidization, fading & discolouration of the paintwork.


Q.   Do I get a warranty?

A.   Yes, all Protektiv coatings are backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty*.


Q.   What is the difference between Protektiv Fabric & Carpet protection and a retail brand such as Scotchgard?

A.   Scotchgard like many “off-the-shelf products” is a surface spray – when sprayed onto the surface it creates a barrier to spills.  However, because it only seals the surface it does wear off over time and will need reapplication in the event you have a spill and clean the surface.  Protektiv seals the entire fibre and creates a permanent solution to staining and also protects against fading & discolouration.  What is also unique about Protektiv is Bactishield which is a powerful antibacterial system which prevents mould and mildew on the surface.


Q.   Are the coatings environmentally friendly?

A.   Yes, all Protektiv coatings are water-based.   No harmful solvents are used in the formulas.


Q.   I have heard that some vinyl and leather coatings can cause fogging on the interior glass – will this happen with Protektiv?

A.   No – fogging on interior glass is often exacerbated by using coatings that contain silicone.  Because the silicone vapourizes when the cabin on the vehicle gets hot, it leaves a sticky film on the glass which is difficult to remove.  Protektiv interior protection does not contain any silicone.  The active ingredient in the formula is a fleuropolymer (Teflon-like).


High Performance Exterior Surface Coating

Q. What is the difference between the old paint sealants and these new coatings?

A.  Paint sealants provide a barrier against dirt & road grime, and the more recent formulas were enhanced to provide some protection from bird droppings and tree sap.  However, paint sealants break down over time and require reapplication. Performance Coatings do not break down.  In fact re-active coatings actually help break down the contaminants on the surface of the vehicle. Performance Coatings also provide superior protection, even against contaminants such as bat droppings.


Q. I was told your coating was made using ‘nanotechnology’ – what is this and what are the benefits to me?

A.  Nanotechnology, put simply, is the “science of small”. A nano sized particle = 1b metre! We engineer our coatings using nanotechnology.  What this means for you is a smoother surface and superior coverage.


Q. I was advised not to purchase paint protection for my new vehicle as it would actually be bad for the paint – what does this mean?

A.  Early paint sealants (in most cases) contained silicone. In the event of a scratch or damage to the painted area, silicone-based sealants made painting difficult as the silicone would cause the paint to 'ball' and not effectively adhere to the surface. MotorOne High Performance Surface Coating does not contain any silicone. Our formula contains titanium dioxide which reacts to UV and helps break down the contaminants – a liquid ceramic added to the formula enhances colour and shine.


Q. Should I use any waxes or polishes on my car when it's been coated with High Performance Surface Coating?

A.  Some polishes can be quite abrasive and cause swirl/scratch marks.  Waxes break down and require reapplication. The good news is that our High Performance Surface Coating eliminates the need to wax or polish the vehicle – saving time, money and energy!


Q. What do you mean when you say your High Performance Surface Coatings are 'Hydrophobic'?

A.  Hydrophobic means that the surface rejects water, this means that water sheets off the protected surface taking with it dirt and other contaminants. This leaves your vehicle cleaner for longer. 


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High Performance Interior Surface Coating

Q. With small children, I would like to protect the fabric on my seats. What is the difference between a take-home (off-the-shelf) product and your High Performance Fabric & Carpet Protection?

A.  Take-home products could more accurately be described as a 'maintenance program'. As most are only surface sprays and do not completely coat the fibres, they require constant checking for repellency and reapplication on a regular basis. Our High Performance Fabric & Carpet Protection is a once-off permanent solution to protection against staining from common food and drink spills.


Q. I have read that your formula contains Bactishield – what is this?

A.  Bactishield is an anti-bacterial system that works to inhibit bacteria in the coated fibres. Bacteria can contribute to odours, and also potentially impact on health and wellbeing of some occupants of the vehicle. Bactishield also prevents mould and mildew which are often triggers for respiratory illnesses such as asthma.


Q. Are there any solvents in your formulas?  Being a parent with small children, I have concerns about exposing my children to harmful products.

A.  No – our formula is water-based, making it kinder to not only the occupants of the vehicle, but to our environment!


Q. I have used an off-the-shelf product on the vinyl in my previous vehicles, however, I have found that when I apply this product to my dash area, it appears to cause fogging on my windscreen – why is this?

A.  The product you are using may contain high quantities of silicone. This can sometimes vapourise when the cabin of the vehicle gets very hot. This can result in fogging on glass which is close to the area where the product has been applied. MotorOne High Performance Vinyl Conditioner is a silicone-free formula.


Q. As I have never had leather interior in a vehicle before, I am unsure about what maintenance will be required. What is the best way to protect the leather seats in my new vehicle?

A.  MotorOne High Performance Leather Preserver is a purpose-built, lanolin-based formula that not only protects the leather in your vehicle against cracking, splitting and discolouration, the lanolin in the formula helps keep the seats soft and supple. Unlike off-the-shelf products, it is designed specifically for leather and does not require any reapplication.


Q.  I have used a number of products in my previous vehicles on both vinyl and leather – most leave a sticky residue and often are slippery and shiny. Why is this?

A.  Again, because many off-the-shelf products contain significant amounts of silicone, this can cause the surface to become slippery, cause the surface to sweat which creates a sticky residue, and leave a shine on the surface that can sometimes be distracting and create glare. High Performance Vinyl Conditioner and Leather Preserver are both purpose-built and silicone free.

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 Window Film

Q. Do I have any protection from UV coming through the driver’s window in my new vehicle?

A.  Yes – all glass has some protection against UV. The rejection of UVB is in most cases far greater than UVA – you may be exposed to up to double the amount UVA when driving. Given that both UVA and UVB have been proven to be harmful and contribute to skin cancers, it is important to ensure adequate protection from both types of UV (which is why we use broad spectrum sunscreens). Installation of a high performance window film will protect against prolonged exposure to both UVA and UVB.


Q. One of my colleagues has described window films as 'environmentally friendly”'.  What do they mean by this?

A.  Window films are often described as being 'environmentally friendly'. There are a number of reasons why this is so. The patented manufacturing process minimises impact on our environment. High Performance Films provide excellent heat rejection which means that the air conditioner in the vehicle works more efficiently, therefore contributing to improved fuel efficiency – all important considerations for our fragile environment.


Q. I noticed on a brochure that the Cancer Council Window Films have a UPF of 50+. I have heard of SPF, but not UPF.  What's the difference?

A.  Sunscreens and lotions are usually measured using Sun Protection Factor (or SPF). Items such as shade sails, umbrellas and some clothing (and window films) can be marketed showing Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF).  In order to market any product that displays a UPF rating, the product must have undergone testing with ARPANSA.  Cancer Council is a premium window film that has been tested with a result of UPF 50+ which is the highest possible rating available.


Q. I was told by a friend that if I install a window film on my new vehicle, my car radio won’t work properly. Why would this occur?

A.  Many new makes and models of vehicles do not have an exterior car aerial. Instead, the car aerial is embedded into the glass – very often the rear window. Metalised window films can interfere with reception (particularly in some regional areas). This is known as electromagnetic interference (EMI). Our patented colouration process allows us to develop High Performance Window Films that provide all the benefits of a metalised film but will not cause EMI on the glass where the film is applied.

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 Used Car Vehicle Protection

Q. I have just purchased a second car for the family which is 7 years old. Our new vehicle has vehicle protection, however, given this is an older car is there anything suitable that will help reduce the maintenance and give some protection?

A.  Yes – Plus 5 is a unique program designed specifically for vehicles between 5 and 10 years old. It includes an enhanced resin formula Paint Protection, Vinyl and Leather and Fabric and Carpet protection. The Paint Protection formula has been specifically formulated for older vehicles and will eliminate waxing and polishing as well as protect against bird dropping and tree sap damage. Interior protection provides permanent stain resistance against common food and drink spills – Plus 5 is the perfect solution for your second car as it will save you time and money!


Q. Is Plus 5 a DIY program?  Being almost 70 years old, I am not able to do the physical hard work needed to keep my car in good shape! 

A. Plus 5 is applied by qualified trained technicians. And, because our enhanced formula Paint Protection eliminates waxing and polishing, a regular wash is the only maintenance required to keep the exterior looking good. To look after the interior, just vacuum and wipe off dust. This means more time to do the things you really enjoy without all the hard work!

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