Bumper Repairs

You have just had one of those “oh no” experiences! You finally caught up with friends at your favourite restaurant, and when you return to your car another careless driver has made a slight ‘modification’ to your car and scraped the front bumper!

Annoying, frustrating and not the way to end a great evening. Don’t stress, getting bumper repairs is easy if you are a member of one of the MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs. MotorOne are industry leaders in vehicle protection.

Get the Right Service

There are a number of companies that offer car bumper repairs. The problem is, repairing damaged bumpers needs a specialist who can restore the bumper to it’s original condition; not just a quick touch up that can affect both the appearance and ultimately future resale value of your car.

bumper repairs before and after comparison

Our mobile bumper repair technicians carry out repairs on-site either at home or at the office
you choose!

So why choose MotorOne? MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Memberships give you peace of mind knowing that when you do have one of those “oh no” moments, just call our friendly Customer Service team to organize our fully mobile bumper repair service to come to you.

All you pay is one small fixed per- repair price. And like all MotorOne products and services – all our work is fully guaranteed. All our technicians are fully trained in a wide range of cosmetic repairs, including car bumper repairs. Members enjoy benefits such as repairs to scrapes on alloy wheels and pressure dents.

Why the MotorOne program?

  • unlimited repair visits
  • for one small fixed price repair fee
  • perfect for those minor dents
  • great for surface marks
  • alloy wheel repairs
  • windscreen chip repairs
  • and more! 
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More Services

Mobile bumper repairs are just one of many services we provide – many of our membership programs also include interior repairs. Perhaps your “oh no” experience is a cigarette burn on your new leather interior, or you forgot you had a sharp object in your back pocket and left a small hole in the fabric of your driver’s seat.

Whatever your “oh no” moment is – MotorOne are there to turn this experience into an “oh yes” moment. Yes we do car bumper repairs, yes we fix small chips in your windscreen, yes we can even be there when you accidentally parked too close to the gutter and scraped those fabulous new alloy wheels.

Don’t suffer the stress and inconvenience of running around to find a quality and reliable repairer, or risk loosing your no-claim bonus when you make an insurance claim – become a member today.

Ask your selling dealership about MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Programs, relax and enjoy our membership program.

Find the best protection product for you

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Cosmetic Repair Video

Cosmetic repairs for all those minor dents that are unavoidable.