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Keeping your car clean is a primary concern for most car owners. While several different products offering car cleaning functionality have been introduced into the market, not many of them offer a long term solution to the car cleaning dilemma.

car cleaning products

The MotorOne difference - Protected VS Unprotected

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Most car cleaning products only offer temporary protection for your car’s surface, and as such, must be applied regularly to ensure your car is maintained in its optimum condition just as you’d like it to be.

This includes those car cleaning kit products, bundling several products each targeted at achieving specific protection benefits to vehicles.

We at MotorOne believe in a more permanent solution to car cleaning; which is why we formulated a range of high performance car cleaning products to offer a long term solution to having to clean your car on a regular basis.

Our high performance car cleaning products offer a once off solution, which is professionally applied.


What our customers have to say:

"You'd be an idiot not to buy this! I purchased a new car from Joe Crisafio Kia in Perth and spent the little extra to protect my car. I got dark knight tint and full interior and exterior Protektiv. I leave my car on a busy Main road all day while I'm at work and the dirt and dust just wiped straight off. Being a bright red car it really does make it so much easier to keep looking clean without having to wash it every week. I would very highly recommend it to anyone and 100% will be getting it on my future cars." Frank, Sept 2016

"Would definitely purchase again! I purchased my beautiful Audi Q3, spending 50k on my car I was convinced to spend a little bit more to protect it and get that lifetime warranty. I got everything, exterior, interior, cancer council tint and the repair membership. This car is darker than my last but I've found it much easier to keep cleaner and I'm not worried about the damage bird stain can cause when it's parked outside during the day. I still have that new car smell and having small children means the no food and drink policy went out the window quick smart so the interior protection has been great. I've already used the repair membership for a scuff mark so I was thankful the lady convinced me to include that in the pack. Been very worth while" Lee, Aug 2016 

"Protektiv = 5 Stars. I bought a Volkswagen Polo and I purchased the protektiv (paint, fabric, tint warranty) and I am actually so happy with it. It makes washing my car actually enjoyable. My car hardly gets dirty and its good to know I don't have to spend the extra $$ to wax and polish it. Unfortunately I had a stain on my seat from some food (I know, it's meant to prevent staining but maybe they missed that spot?) however, motorone handles my claim with ease and it was fixed within 24 hours. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend purchasing it on a new car."  Rosie, Feb 2016


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Our range of high performance car care products aim at replacing the traditional car cleaning kit for a long term car cleaning solution, which could help your car look its best! Our range of high performance car cleaning products help your car look its best!

The MotorOne High Performance car cleaning products are a once off application - so you don't have to worry about the on-going cost associated with car cleaning kits - think of the on-going cost savings!

Why you need Interior protection

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    Once off application

    No re-application required as it won't break down over time

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    Hand-applied by trained professionals

    So you don’t have to waste your valuable time

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    Utilises Nanotechnology

    Providing the most comprehensive protection available

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    No annual inspections

    Making life easier for you!

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    Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty*

    MotorOne have never dishonored a valid warranty claim

* Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply