Car Detailing

The great news is that when you choose to protect your vehicle using MotorOne’s range of High Performance Performance Coatings, the time, energy and cost to maintain your vehicle is significantly reduced – leaving you more time to do the things you really enjoy.  Unlike detailing which is an on-going maintenance program if you want to keep your car looking good – Performance Coatings provide a permanent solution to protecting and maintaining your vehicle.

Car detailing can be quite costly. Just a basic detail can range anywhere from $150 to $300 (or more) dependent on the level of service you require.  Over the lifetime of ownership of a vehicle, this could potentially amount to a significant amount of money.  And the convenience factor is an issue for most car owners – organizing a detail may mean being without the vehicle for anything up to half a day.

car detailing windshield

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An additional concern is that some detailers may use polishes which whilst improving the gloss levels on the paint of the vehicle can be abrasive, particularly when applied using any type of orbital buffing action.

If there is any oxidization on the surface, many detailers also use a cutting compound which whilst it will restore shine, is also very abrasive and can result in swirl marks in the paint.

And on the interior – the concern is always the type of cleaners used to remove marks and stains.

Many of these contain solvents which could trigger allergies in those who are sensitive to these types of chemicals in a confined area.

Performance Coatings are water-based, kind to the environment and the occupants of the vehicle.  Our Performance Coating used on fabrics and carpets also protects against harmful bacteria, mould and mildew – all of which can be triggers for allergies (in particular respiratory allergies such as asthma).

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