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If you live and/or work in the Sydney area, and want to find out more about how to protect your car from environmental damage, the good news is that a significant number of car dealerships recommend the best car paint protection available in Sydney and in fact in Australia. MotorOne car paint protection.

If you are considering up-grading your vehicle, then plan to save time and money by choosing new car paint protection when you visit your Sydney dealership.

New car paint protection is a must – today’s Performance Coatings which are the new generation of paint protection, protect against not just oxidization and loss of gloss, but prevent the costly damage caused by bird & bat droppings and tree sap.

What to Choose

So what type of new car paint protection should you choose? A high performance coating is the only long term solution to reducing maintenance and keeping cars protected against our hazardous environment.


Our Original Range

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Our Performance Coatings create self-cleaning properties on the painted surface which means that contaminates don’t readily adhere to the surface, making washing a breeze. MotorOne Performance Coatings range is engineered by harnessing the latest global technology.

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

And, all MotorOne Performance Coatings are backed by our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty giving you total peace of mind and a value for money solution to protecting your vehicle. So next time you visit a dealership in Sydney, ask about MotorOne high performance paint protection.

What our customers have to say

"Protektiv = 5 Stars. I bought a Volkswagen Polo and I purchased the protektiv (paint, fabric, tint warranty) and I am actually so happy with it. It makes washing my car actually enjoyable. My car hardly gets dirty and its good to know I don't have to spend the extra $$ to wax and polish it. Unfortunately I had a stain on my seat from some food (I know, it's meant to prevent staining but maybe they missed that spot?) however, motorone handles my claim with ease and it was fixed within 24 hours. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend purchasing it on a new car." Rosie, Feb 2016 

"I purchased Protektiv inside and outside my car on my new Hyundai about 9months ago. I was a little sceptical at first but I am so so glad I did it. My car is immaculate, so shiny and easy to keep clean. I've purchased two new cars in the past and not had protection put on and I can certainly see the difference. I feel like the 2k I spent on this and tint has been worth every penny spent and it's defently given me peace of mind and I believe I will get my money return when I re sell my car down the track. I defiantly reccomend it to all my family and friends! Amazing technology, it has done everything the girl said it would do so far." Jimmy, Aug 2016

"Would definitely purchase again! I purchased my beautiful Audi Q3, spending 50k on my car I was convinced to spend a little bit more to protect it and get that lifetime warranty. I got everything, exterior, interior, cancer council tint and the repair membership. This car is darker than my last but I've found it much easier to keep cleaner and I'm not worried about the damage bird stain can cause when it's parked outside during the day. I still have that new car smell and having small children means the no food and drink policy went out the window quick smart so the interior protection has been great. I've already used the repair membership for a scuff mark so I was thankful the lady convinced me to include that in the pack. Been very worth while" Lee, Aug 2016


Why you need exterior protection

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    Once off application

    No re-application required as it won't break down over time

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    Hand-applied by trained professionals

    So you don’t have to waste your valuable time

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    Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty*

    MotorOne have never dishonored a valid warranty claim

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    Eliminates the need to wax and polish

    Giving you time to do the things you love

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    No annual inspections

    Making life easier for you!

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    Provides protection against environmental factors

    Such as bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter

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    Offers protection against UV discoloration

    Caused by the sun's powerful UV rays

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    Utilises Nanotechnology

    Providing the most comprehensive protection available

*Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Complete Vehicle Protection

Contains self cleaning properties!