Car Scratch and Dent Program

Car dents and scratches can have a profound impact on the value of a vehicle. Even minor damage distracts from the appearance – and with less appeal means a reduced value.

Why the MotorOne Program?

  • Unlimited repair visits
  • For one small fixed price repair fee
  • Perfect for those minor dents
  • Great for surface marks
  • Alloy wheel repairs
  • Windscreen chip repairs
  • And more! 





Cosmetic Repair Program

The solution to helping to keep your car looking good is simple. MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs offer a wide range of member-only services that are fully mobile.

And, the best news? We come to you at work or at home!

We use the latest global technology repairs car dents and scratches on your car, with the added peace of mind that all our work is fully guaranteed.

Scratch & Dent Services

There are many car scratch and dent programs on offer, however choosing the program that will give you the best result is obviously important.

The simple solution to minor repairs is to become a member of one of MotorOne’s Cosmetic Repair Programs.

MotorOne are Australia’s leading car-car specialists. We offer a wide range of products and services that will preserve and protect your vehicle and save you time and money.

We want to help keep your car looking good for as long as possible, so you get to enjoy the motoring experience for as long as possible!

car scratch and dent programs - keep your car looking showroom ready

Our Repair Program Includes:

  • Bumper scrapes
  • Mirror casings
  • Alloy wheel repair
  • Windscreen chips
  • Small interior repairs
  • Small holes & tears on upholstery

Professional Installation

All work is carried out by our professional, friendly and reliable team, and you enjoy the MotorOne quality satisfaction guarantee on all repairs.

And our programs are designed for both new and pre-owned cars up to 5 years old (subject to inspection).

Don’t put up with car scratches or dents, become part of the MotorOne Cosmetic Car Repair Program.

Cosmetic Repair Video

Cosmetic repairs for all those minor dents that are unavoidable.