Car Wax Guard Protection

Have a look on the internet, in motoring magazines, in newspapers and tabloids  and there are a wide range of products claiming to be the best car wax available.

Car waxes come in three forms – liquid, paste or spray.  All require a significant amount of time and energy to apply correctly.

The formula for car waxes varies enormously – from natural oils and resin-type formulas to synthetic waxes in some of the lower priced products.  So too does the price, quantity required for an application and cost of application pads or mitts vary enormously.

Reality is, using even the  best car wax is only a temporary solution to keeping your new car looking good and of course still requires a lot of hard work and time. Some motoring enthusiasts believe that to keep their car looking good, they need to reapply a wax to the paintwork at least every 3 months.

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MotorOne's Car Wax Guard Protection - Cost Effective Solutions

Think about the time & effort, to say nothing of the on-going cost of purchasing the wax . Even the best car wax in Australia will (over time)  break down because of the constant exposure to UV and surface contaminates, dirt, roadgrime etc.

So why not choose a more permanent & cost-effective solution to keeping your car looking good?

The Waxguard protection range includes Waxguard Paint Protection which protects against oxidization and fading, or for added protection, why not choose Nature Guard protection which also protects against the damage caused by bird droppings & tree sap.

Waxguard protection from MotorOne has been a trusted name in vehicle protection for over 30 years, and includes a range of professionally applied treatments that protect not just the paintwork on your vehicle, but also leather & vinyl and fabric & carpets.  Waxguard protection is a cost effective solution to keeping your car looking good, saving you time and money.

And the good news is that by preserving the appearance of your car, ultimately this may also help maximize future resale value.  When buying a pre-owned car, we would all choose the best looking car for our budget so keeping cars looking good is important for all of us.

If your car is regularly exposed to our harsh environment, then Nature Guard is a must.  Bird dropping damage in particular can be not just unsightly, but very costly to fix.

Nature Guard is an enhanced formula that neutralizes and disperses bird droppings on the surface.  It provides the protection you need and because it eliminates the need to wax and polish, means you can less time maintaining your car and more time doing the things you really love.

Waxguard protection is available from selected car dealerships nationally and can be purchased as an individual treatment, or as part of a full protection program.   Visit the MotorOne website at and click on the link to learn more about Waxguard protection and Nature Guard.

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