Car Window Tinting Prices

Want to beat the heat – or do you just want to look cool!  If you spend a lot of time in your car then the answer is probably yes!

We can help you stay cooler this summer by installing car window tinting. 

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MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care and protection products including car window tinting.

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We have a window tint to suit everyone – whether you are looking for a stylish appearance, safety, protection from harmful UV, or want to reduce heat transfer through the glass and create a cooler more comfortable ride. 

But what about price? Car tinting prices vary enormously, but so too does the quality of not just the film (window tint)  but also the installation.

The team at MotorOne take care of all your car window tinting needs, with competitive value-for-money prices.

So why choose MotorOne?

  • Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care –  with over 30 years experience,
    MotorOne bring the latest global technology to automotive window tinting.
  • Premium quality, high performance window films to suit every vehicle
  • Fully trained professional window tinters
  • Our nationwide lifetime warranty on all window tint products
  • A range of colours and styles - darkest appearance film with “attitude”, stylish films perfect for the family, or even a  clear film for those who want protection without the changing the appearance.
  • All MotorOne car window tinting provides maximum protection from harmful UV
  • Car window tinting reduces heat transfer through the glass – helping keep the cabin cooler; and because your airconditioning works more efficiently, this can also support improved fuel efficiency.
  • Reduces glare, improves safety in the event of glass breakage and creates a stylish look

To choose the film that best suits your lifestyle, visit us at and you too can look forward to being “cool” this summer!

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