Ceramic Car Polish and Wax

If you’re looking for lasting protection for your vehicle, consider Protektiv HYDRO. Unlike traditional wax which needs to be re-applied periodically, Protektiv HYDRO is a one off coating for your car, acting like a permanent ceramic car polish.

Ceramic Car Polish and Wax - car wax guard protection side mirror

Protektiv HYDRO vs. Ceramic Coating Wax

  • Durable protection – Protektiv HYDRO provides extreme abrasion resistance. This means that compared to traditional ceramic coating car wax, Protektiv HYDRO* won’t break down by weathering, dirt and road grime.

  • Permanent mirror finish & super gloss – Protektiv HYDRO provides a mirror-like finish that is super glossy and adds depth to metallic paint. This finish is far superior to traditional ceramic car wax.

  • Professional one off application – unlike ceramic car wax, Protektiv HYDRO is professionally applied and is a permanent, one-time application. This means you don’t need to waste hours reapplying car polish or wax periodically.

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Visit our Protektiv Hyrdo information page to learn more and watch a demonstration video of all the benefits Protektiv HYDRO provides over products such as Ceramic Pro car wax. Get in touch to locate your closest dealer.

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*Protektiv HYDRO is a high performance ceramic coating containing silicon carbide & silicon dioxide