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Keeping your car looking good can be a challenge! Most of us are time-poor and as a result our cars often look rather neglected. Paying for a cleaner, Car Groomer or detailer to clean and shine can often be an expensive exercise.

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High Performance Coatings - Eliminate the need to Wax & Polish

The Cost-Effective Solution

A far more cost-effective solution is investing in protective coatings for both the outside paintwork and the interior of the car – making maintenance a breeze. No need to pay a Car Groomer, cleaner or detailer or risk damage to your paintwork by using car washes that use harsh chemicals or abrasive wash actions such as brushes to clean the vehicle.

The problem is also finding the time to wait while the Car Groomers clean and shine your car – some City Car Groomers are not conveniently located and we waste time and money finding a location that suits.

Protektiv Surface Coatings

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The easy solution is Protektiv. Protektiv is the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system for cars. Our surface coating for paintwork delivers outstanding shine and protection through ceramic nano particles in a glass-like sealant. And you know you are getting the best!


The coating is tested to meet Boeing D6-17487 specifications. The super hydrophobic properties of the coating mean your car stays cleaner longer and washing is a breeze!

The coating totally eliminates the need to wax or polish and protects against the costly damage caused by bird & bat droppings and tree sap.

Some detailers advertise as being Sparkling Car Groomers and do in fact deliver a sparkling result! The problem is the car doesn’t stay that way.


Avoid Discolouration & Fading

Weather induced oxidization on the paintwork leads to discolouration & fading and makes future cleaning difficult, meaning some detailers & Cargroomers use cutting compounds and buffing to restore your shine – not the kindest way to care for your paintwork!

Detailers, Cleaners & Cargroomers often spend a significant amount of time trying to remove permanent stains from fabric & leather seats – not always with the best result.

So rather than spend money on grooming, cleaning and detailing why not choose to protect with Protektiv? Protektiv protects not just the exterior paintwork on your car but also against permanent staining on the interior. And remember all Protektiv coatings make cleaning a breeze!

Protektiv Product Details

  • PROTEKTIV is so outstanding that it’s been certified to meet Boeing D6-17487 specification.
    This means it’s been tested, proven and certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products
  • This coating is a resilient and effective stain barrier against commonly consumed food and liquids it also helps provide protection against surface dehydration caused by UV damage.
  • Provides an easy to clean surface and acts as a resilient and effective stain barrier against commonly consumed food and drink spills.
  • Purpose built for vinyl surfaces this coating provides an easy to clean surface and helps protect against cracking and discolouration caused by the harmful effects of UV.


Introducing Protektiv

The world's most advanced paint protection system.

High Performance Exterior Surface Coating

Contain self cleaning properties.

Introducing Protektiv

Nov 2015

The world's most advanced paint protection system.

High Performance Exterior Surface Coating

July 2014

Contain self cleaning properties.