Is Paint Protection Worth It?

Want to know if new car paint protection is worth it? The most common question about any product we buy is obviously does it really work? So is new car paint protection worth it?

The simple answer is – depends on the type of protection you choose! Unfortunately many consumers have been sold products over the years where they were not completely informed about not just what the product can do, but also how to care for their vehicle once the product has been applied.

Get Professional Advice

Typically, when visiting a dealership to buy a new car, you will be provided with information about how to protect not just the paintwork on your car, but also the interior and as a result, most of us would question is car dealer paint protection worth it?

Again, the simple answer is that the performance of the paint protection product depends entirely on the type of product offered by the dealership. Therefore, speak to your local dealer for the best advice & recommendations on how to care for your vehicle.

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The Value in Paint Protection for your Car

  • There are a wide range of paint protection products available in Australia. Many are a resign or fluorpolymer base so will eventually need reapplication in order to ensure continued protection. 
  • Today, many car dealerships choose to recommend only MotorOne High Performance Surface Coating for paint. MotorOne’s ground-breaking technology produces coatings engineered using nanotechnology which offers superior coverage, gloss and performance.
  • So when you consider the question “paint protection oncars – is it worth it?”. Make sure you consider the benefits of using High Performance protection.

For more information about how you can start saving time, money and energy on maintaining your new car.

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Why you need exterior protection

  • image description
    Once off application

    No re-application required as it won't break down over time

  • image description
    Hand-applied by trained professionals

    So you don’t have to waste your valuable time

  • image description
    Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty*

    MotorOne have never dishonored a valid warranty claim

  • image description
    Eliminates the need to wax and polish

    Giving you time to do the things you love

  • image description
    No annual inspections

    Making life easier for you!

  • image description
    Provides protection against environmental factors

    Such as bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter

  • image description
    Offers protection against UV discoloration

    Caused by the sun's powerful UV rays

  • image description
    Utilises Nanotechnology

    Providing the most comprehensive protection available

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*Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.