Leather Car Care

While there are several leather car seat care products available on the market, many of which offer ‘superior leather car seat protection’ and promising ‘the best leather car care’, many car enthusiasts have realized that prolonged exposure to most of these products actually lead to the opposite to car leather of what they claim.

MotorOne’s high performance car leather care range is built upon addressing these very issues, and has won the trust of many car enthusiasts over the past 40 years.

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High performance leather car seat care are guaranteed to provide effective cleaning

Care for your Leather Interior

Leather is much like a delicate skin, it requires special care and to be carefully moisturized just like human skin to ensure its longevity.

Most products available in the market that offer leather treatment for cars contain harmful chemicals which is not goof for the car, or the passengers.

These leather car seat cleaners leave a soft and supple finish upon immediate use, however that look of a brand new leather car seat fades after just a few days. In addition to this, most over the counter car leather protection products come with little to no warranty on what they cover.

Car Seat Leather Care:

  • is non-greasy
  • non slippery
  • leaves leather surfaces soft and supple
  • does not cause dust or other grime to stick

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Our High Performing Range

MotorOne’s range of high performance leather conditioner for car seats and trims are guaranteed to provide safe but effective cleaning properties without ever causing damage to the leather’s top coat.

This is due to it being pH neutral in nature, which in turn helps to maintain the neutral pH values of leather, making it an effective car leather treatment solution; and as a bonus, it won’t cause irritation or harm to your own skin.

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Ask your dealership for MotorOne’s range of high performance leather car seat care products that are guaranteed to offer the best of the best in car leather care, to leave your car’s leather seats and trim looking naturally beautiful!

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High Performance Exterior Surface Coating

Contain self cleaning properties.