Mercedes Paint Protection

Mercedes Benz vehicles are world renowned for its precise engineering and high quality craftsmanship both inside and outside. In order to protect your investment and guarantee its value over the years, a Mercedes paint protection pack such as Maxim, which we’ve engineered specifically for paint protection of Mercedes vehicles, goes a long way in preserving this driving work of art.

Maxim – Superior Mercedes paint protection with nano technology

  • Surface coating – Maxim’s surface coating provides outstanding and brilliant shine. With Titanium Dioxide nano particles, the surface coating provides enhanced UV protection to help prevent weather induced discolouration and oxidisation.
  • Leather and vinyl coating – Provides effective protection against the effects of UV such as cracking and discolouration. With a low sheen, non-greasy and non-stick application, the coating provides effective protection for your interior surfaces.
  • Fabric and carpet coating – Maxim’s fabric and carpet coating is a water based non solvent application that is environmentally friendly. It coats the fibres of the treated surface to offer exceptional protection day after day

mercedes paint protection

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