MotorOne Paint Protection

MotorOne Paint Protection was marketed under the Ming brand and became readily available in the Australian marketplace during the early 1980’s when social, educational  & employment trends created a society of time-poor consumers.  Many realized that keeping their car looking good could be costly and time consuming.  The days of spending the weekend waxing, polishing and cleaning the car became a thing of the past as many people wanted time to do the things they really enjoyed doing – sports, leisure, recreation, family & friends.

motorone paint protection

Because many paint protection formulas contained  silicone even today there remains somewhat of a legacy in terms of just how effective is MotorOne Paint Protection?

Silicone in paint protection, whilst highly effective in preventing oxidization, created a problem if the event of  panel damage that required touch-up or re-spray.

MotorOne Paint Protection has been an integral part of the history and evolution of vehicle protection. MotorOne Paint Protection formulas used today have harnessed global technology to produce a range of Performance Coatings that protect paint from not just oxidization and fading, but from the costly damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter.

Just one of the products in our range of new generation Performance Coatings, MotorOne Paint Protection, eliminates the need to wax and polish which means more time to spend doing the things you really love doing!

Our Performance Coating for paint, which  has replaced the early formulas used in MotorOne Paint Protection is engineered using nanotechnology – or “the science of small”.  The Coating provides exceptional protection, shine and durability, and like all our products including MotorOne Paint Protection, we offer a nationwide warranty.

Visit your local dealership and ask about the latest technology in Performance Coatings and MotorOne Paint Protection.

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