Protektiv Automotive

Have a look at motoring magazines and internet articles and you will find a wide range of car protection products.  But just how effective are these products and are they really worth it?  Protektiv Automotive is a range of coatings designed specifically for automotive use.

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Heavily put to the Test

Engineered in Germany, tested in the USA to the stringent standards of Boeing, Airbus and Aerospace Material Specification, Protektiv Exterior Coating for paint delivers unrivalled protection from a wide range of environmental conditions & contaminates including:

  • Damage caused by bird & bat droppings and tree sap
  • Weather induced oxidization, fading, discolouration & loss of gloss
  • Water marks/sunscreen

Nationwide Warranty

And Protektiv Automotive Coatings are backed by a Nationwide Warranty from Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products – MotorOne.

Many other paint protection products break down over time and need reapplication , or offer only limited protection against our harsh Australian conditions – not Protektiv.

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