Protektiv Paint Protection

Paint Protection has undergone what can only be described as an evolution!  But what is really different about the way we protect cars today? Protektiv Paint Protection – German engineered and tested in USA to stringent standards set by Boeing.

  • The inclusion of ceramic provides greater abrasion resistance Abrasion Resistant Properties
  • Deepest Shine Deepest Shine
  • UV inhibitors prevent UV induced discolouration and fading UV Inhibitors
  • Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty* Lifetime Warranty

Protektiv Exterior Coating AUS Exclusive

The Difference

Protektiv’s unique paint protection combines Silica Dioxide and Ceramic to deliver the world’s most advanced paint protection formula.

German engineering using nanotechnology, Protektiv Paint Protection fuses to the paintwork on the vehicle, and hardens/cures but remains flexible so it won’t crack or peel.

Unlike many other paint protection formulas currently available, Protektiv Paint Protection is non-organic so won’t break down when exposed to even the harshest environmental conditions & contaminates including:

  • Bird & bat droppings
  • Tree sap & bug splatter
  • Prolonged exposure to UV

Outstanding Gloss & Easy to Maintain

Protektiv Paint Protection offers extreme hardness & durability and glass-like properties result in outstanding gloss and shine with an easy-clean low maintenance surface.


So don’t just be part of the evolution – be part of the revolution – Protektiv Paint Protection; revolutionary protection designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environment.