Schmick Car Care Repairs

Everyone wants to keep their car looking good.  We all enjoy having a ride that looks schmick from top to bottom.  But keeping our ride looking schmick can sometimes be a challenge!  It’s the constant bumps and scrapes we get from other sometimes careless drivers that not only affect the appearance of our car but also the resale value.

scmick car care - SMART membership - before scmick car care - SMART membership - after

The Situation

Ever had a trolley bump into your car? Or someone else’s car door open onto yours and dent it? Or just clipped the gutter when parking and scuffed your wheel?

The Solution

MotorOne's Cosmetic Car Repair programs provide cosmetic repairs for all those minor dents, stone chips and surface marks that are unavoidable, helping to keep your vehicle in optimum condition.

General Advice Disclaimer:

This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account. Please read the current Product Disclosure Statement available from our website before buying this product.  This product is issued by Smart Guys Pty Ltd ABN 46 129 708 523 AFSL 460412

The Easy Solution

MotorOne’s Cosmetic Repair Membership Program – SMART. A membership gives you the benefit of having a wide range of repairs carried out on-site at your home or office and members pay a small fee of only $55 per repair.

So what do you get as a SMART Member? Here are just a few of the membership benefits:

  • Alloy wheels – gutter scrapes repaired
  • Pressure dents repaired up to 10cm
  • Stone chips up to 3mm
  • Bumper scrapes repaired – we allow up to a whopping 40cm in length
  • Surface scuffs repaired
  • Windscreen chips up to 3mm
  • And we repair small holes in your leather, vinyl or fabric interior.

Get SMART today, and keep your car looking good

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