Touch Up Paint for Cars

OK so you have just returned from that long awaited tip to the country. The good news – you had a fabulous weekend. The bad news; stone chips on the bonnet of your new car! So you could simply visit the local auto shop and buy some touch up paint for your car, then carry out a DIY repair (not a good plan if you want to preserve your resale value) or you could call in a professional who specializes in touch up painting for cars. But now is the challenge to find the best touchup guy.

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For most of us our car is our pride and joy so keeping it looking good is important. There are plenty of touch up guys reviews on the internet and also articles that can be found in some motoring magazines. The industry is flooded with small businesses all claiming to provide the best result for touch up painting on cars.

touchup guys before and after difference

Vehicle touched up - before/after

Choosing a Trustworthy Servicer

So how do you choose a touchup guy you know you can trust? How do you know you will be satisfied with the quality of workmanship? The answer is simple. Becoming a member of one of MotorOne’s Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs gives you access to a wide range of cosmetic repairs including stone chips, pressure dents and bumper scrapes.

Touch up guys reviews often focus on just that – just touch up technology. Our fully trained technicians are trained in a wide range of repairs; not just touch ups but re-spray technology to repair bumper scrapes and even alloy wheel scrapes and scratches. Each repair is carefully prepared to make sure you get the best result.

We employ state-of-the-art repair technology for each and every repair. And unlike many of the touchup guys, all our work is fully guaranteed.

Money Saving Service!

You pay only a small fixed per-repair price. The best news is we can also repair small holes and tears in interior upholstery including leather, vinyl and fabric surfaces. Because all our work is fully mobile and carried out on site, you can enjoy our convenient time and money-saving service right at your doorstep.

So don’t trust just any touchup guy to carry out repairs on your pride and joy.

Trust the experts – MotorOne with over 30 years experience in vehicle protection products and services.

Why you need exterior protection

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    No annual inspections

    Making life easier for you!

  • image description
    Provides protection against environmental factors

    Such as bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter

  • image description
    Offers protection against UV discoloration

    Caused by the sun's powerful UV rays

  • image description
    Utilises Nanotechnology

    Providing the most comprehensive protection available

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    Once off application

    No re-application required as it won't break down over time

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    Hand-applied by trained professionals

    So you don’t have to waste your valuable time

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    Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty*

    MotorOne have never dishonored a valid warranty claim

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    Eliminates the need to wax and polish

    Giving you time to do the things you love

*Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Cosmetic Repair Video

Cosmetic repairs for all those minor dents that are unavoidable.