MotorOne Performance Coating for the interior fabrics and carpet is a technologically advanced formula that provides exceptional protection against permanent staining of the interior. The treatment is applied to all soft fibres in the vehicle including seats, door trims, boot etc, carpeted areas such as floors and mats. In the case of SUVs and 4WDs the treatment is also applied to any carpeted areas at the rear of the wagon. Put simply, the treatment is applied to all soft surfaces below window level.

The formula is water-based and contains no solvents. Not only is this safer for our environment, but it also doesn't produce a strong odour when applied. The coating is produced utilising what is referred to as 'C6 Chemistry' using organic fluorine compounds. In simple terms, these compounds are similar to what is used to produce Teflon (which is used extensively to coat cookware, for example). The problem with traditional methods used to produce Teflon-like substances is the technology known as C8 Chemistry.  This produced coatings which can be hazardous for both the environment and the health of animals and humans. This new and improved technology produces environmentally safer coatings, with exceptional repellency and low friction properties. The result is a highly effective protective barrier that creates a non-stick surface, making the interior easier to vacuum and maintain and because the fibres are coated. This also increases wear resistance.

Unique to the MotorOne formula is our anti-bacterial system Bacti-Shield. Bacti-Shield inhibits the growth of bacteria that can contribute to odours. Bacti-Shield is highly effective in the prevention of mould and mildew on the treated surface, both which can act as a trigger for allergies (in particular respiratory allergies such as hayfever and asthma). 

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