Protektiv Paint Surface Coating, In Detail

MotorOne’s Protektiv has been developed using the latest global technology and further enhanced to provide the best possible protection in our harsh Australian environment. The Protektiv formula combines two key ingredients to deliver the World's most advanced vehicle protection system for cars.  And because we engineer our coating using nanotechnology, the result is outstanding gloss and shine, superior coverage and smoother easy-to-clean surfaces. 

Because Protektiv is reactive to UV, the coating helps break down dirt and contaminants, and resists oils and road grime making it easier to clean. What is truly remarkable is that water sheets off the surface, taking with it dirt and contaminants. This triple-action cleansing process means your car is easier to clean, and you save time, money and water with less frequent washing.  


MotorOne’s Protektiv utilise Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is technological engineering that deals with the study of molecular and atomic particles. In simple terms, ‘nano’ defines a measurement - much like we measure distance. A kilometre is 1000 metres – a nano is one billionth of a metre! When coatings are produced using nanotechnology it simply means the coating ingredient/s are broken into particles that are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. To put this into context, the width of the average human hair is a hundred-thousandth of a metre! Imagine technology that produces particles 100 times smaller than the width of a hair! In many ways, the human body also functions on a nano-scale – think about the process of hemoglobin (a protein molecule found in red blood cells) which transports oxygen throughout the bloodstream.

The advantage of using nanotechnology in the production of surface coatings is that the smaller the particle, the better the coverage, the smoother the surface and the stronger the bond.   Imagine a surface covered with tennis balls, as opposed to the same surface covered with sand – the sand would cover the surface far more effectively because the smaller particles leave less ‘gaps’ where they join or are arranged on the surface. When the coating is applied to the surface of the vehicle, these nano-sized particles go through a process of ‘organisation’.


More commonly referred to as silica, this is the main ingredient found in glass and crystalware. This produced glass like properties that protect against a wide range of environmental contaminants including bird & bat droppings tree sap and water marks. Protektiv creates a long lasting gloss and shine and does not require reapplication.


Ceramic provides extreme resistance to abrasion, so unlike traditional paint protection formulas the coating is not broken down by dirt, dust or road grime. 


SUPER HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES reduce the adhesion of dirt and contaminates creating an easy clean surface that never needs waxing or polishing. 


Created with ceramic nano particles Protektiv fills the porous paint surface and delivers a smoother surface with exceptional protection. 


A pedigree like no other paint surface coating Protektiv is tested to the stringent standards of one of the world's leaders in quality and innovation.




Protektiv Advanced Vehicle Protection

Protektiv Performance Video

Protektiv Surface Coating: A super-durable barrier

Protektiv Advanced Vehicle Protection

Protektiv Performance Video

Protektiv Surface Coating: A super-durable barrier