Can't decide on what products to go with?

We recommend our 3 most popular products;

Protektiv HYDRO for the best exterior and interior protection 
Cancer Council Endorsed Window Tint for the best protection under the sun
Scratch & Dent Assist Program for repairs to inevitable small surface marks & dents 
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    Protektiv HYDRO

    Globally certified ceramic surface coatings for exterior and interior

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    Cancer Council Window Film

    Supporting the fight against skin cancer, these window films offer the highest UV protection.

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    Protektiv Vehicle Protection

    The world's most advanced paint protection system

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    Global Asset Recovery Device

    Have ultimate peace of mind knowing you can locate your vehicle or other asset at any time.

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    Reload Vehicle Protection for Pre-Owned Vehicles

    RELOAD your vehicle to the purest shine.

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    Distracted Driver Aid

    Disables incoming notifications while driving, to avoid distraction.

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    Street Legal Window Film

    The darkest automotive tint that creates a look to help your car stand out from the crowd.

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    Smart Cosmetic Repair Membership

    Small surface marks & dents, shouldn't come with a huge price-tage to repair.

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    A unique collection of top quality products designed to keep your car in pristine condition.

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    Protect your vehicle from dangerous and costly formation of structural rust.

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    New Dimension

    Advanced Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection

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    Plus 5

    Give your pre-owned vehicle that finishing touch to protect against life’s certainties.

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    Highest performing vehicle protection, exclusively for HSVs.

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    Defense Pak Protection

    Your best defence against the harsh Australian environment.

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    Six Star Solutions Vehicle Protection

    The Six Star Solutions range delivers quality results with exceptional guarantees.

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    Ultimate Vehicle Protection

    A range of products that provide the ultimate in vehicle protection.

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    Ming Vehicle Protection

    The Ming range is a great way to protect your vehicle against the elements.