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Endurance Protective Wear & Tear Film

Protect your vehicle against whatever life throws at you.

Endurance Protective Wear & Tear Film provides long-lasting, durable protection to your car whilst being virtually undetectable to the eye. 

Endurance Protective Wear & Tear Film is formulated using 3M™ auto protection film, which is the first choice for a number of reasons:

- Excellent durability
- Exceptional clarity
- Maintenance free
- Stain and fade resistant
- Can be removed safely
- Won’t damage paint finishes
- Great choice for leased vehicles

Areas of the vehicle that can be protected:

  • Bonnet
  • Front Bumper Bar
  • Door Sills
  • Door Edges
  • Door Handle Cups
  • Rear Bumper Bar
  • Side Mirror Casings
  • A-Pillars + Front Roof Line

One of the most ingenious things about Endurance Protective Wear & Tear Film is that it is self-healing. The innovative technology means that most scratches simply disappear, keeping the film looking new. The film grips vehicle contours and edges firmly to provide a seamless and almost invisible ‘crystal clear’ gloss finish. So no matter how you use your vehicle, you always have peace of mind that your paintwork will remain scratch and chip free.

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  • Once off application
  • Provides protection against environmental factors
  • Preserves car's re-sale value
  • Hand-applied by trained professionals
 Endurance Wear & Tear Film