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Highest performing vehicle protection.

Maintain that glorious shine everyday with HSV MyCARE, a tailored range of Officially Licensed HSV vehicle surface coatings that offer the highest performing protection made from a formula combining Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic and Si02, delivering extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super-gloss finish.

Vehicle surfaces transform with a hydrophobic coating providing a highly repellent vehicle finish.


  • Nano-technology to engineer it’s superior surface coating to deliver durability, hardness and a brilliant shine.
  • Prevention against premature discolouration, oxidisation and loss of gloss to the vehicle’s surface, with enhanced UV protection properties.
  • A Silicon Carbide (SiC) base that gives the highest gloss and hydrophobic properties to help repel anything that gets thrown at it.
  • A lifetime nationwide warranty* so you’ll be assured of a brilliant shine for years to come, helping prolong that showroom colour and gloss.


  • Paint Surface Coating
  • Leather & Alcantara Coating
  • Vinyl Coating
  • Fabric & Carpet Coating

With every HSV MyCARE purchase you’ll receive a complimentary maintenance pack to maintain that showroom shine!


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  • Once off application
  • Deepest Shine
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Abrasion Resistant Properties


This HSV MyCARE vehicle protection program is a tailored range of Officially Licensed HSV car care products to help protect and enhance the interior and exterior of your vehicle, preserving that showroom look. Experience the highest performing vehicle protection today, available from participating HSV Dealerships.


HSV MyCARE surface coating is manufactured with Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramic and Si02. Combined, this provides the additional ‘hardness and gloss’ forming a ceramic clear coat finish with glass manufacturing properties. Once applied, the cage-like structure creates a linkage process to become part of the vehicle’s surface and the molecules of the silica core framework provide a rigid toughness and high thermal stability.

The glass-like properties of HSV MyCARE along with curing process refinements have created a super-durable ceramic coating delivering extreme hardness and strong hydrophobic-repellency.


*Warranty terms, conditions & exclusions apply.

  • Maintain that glorious shine everyday with HSV MyCARE vehicle surface coating, delivering extreme durability, hardness a permanent super-gloss finish PLUS a nationwide lifetime warranty*.
  • The very high or extreme level of the cross link polymer in HSV MyCARE works
    to maximise stain resistance and durability across all surfaces including
    Alcantara which results in that highly prized repellent hydrophobic barrier.
  • Once applied, HSV MyCARE prevents permanent staining of the treated surface from sunscreen, make-up, water, coffee, soda, milk, baby formula or other commonly consumed food and liquids. Dash panel, floor mats and all carpeted areas are all covered by a national lifetime warranty*.
  • It provides an easy to clean surface and helps protect against cracking and discolouration caused by the harmful effects of UV.