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Plus 5

Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection 

The moment we drive off the lot, our vehicles are constantly exposed to a very harsh environment, 
including the unsightly (and costly) damage to the paintwork caused by bird & bat droppings.

For most of us, protecting the true resale value is important, as is reducing the time,
money and effort required to maintain our vehicle and keep it looking good!

Now you can have peace of mind knowing your new ride is protected with Plus 5 Car Care -
 a unique vehicle protection program tailored specifically for pre-owned vehicles between 5 and 10 years old.

Included in Plus 5:
1.  Paint Protection
2.  Fabric Protection
3.  Vinyl Protection
4.  Leather Protection (where applicable)
5.  Complimentary Reward Pack!

Scroll down to view more on Plus 5, or download an information sheet.  

  • Once off application
  • No annual inspections
  • Eliminates the need to wax and polish
  • Preserves car's re-sale value
Plus 5

Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection

Professionally applied pre-owned vehicle protection.

 Plus 5 Reward Pack

When you purchase Plus 5 you'll receive a complimentary reward pack, which includes:

  • Fabric Stain Remover
  • Paint Rejuvenator
  • High Gloss Shampoo
  • Application Cloth

...All in a reusable drawstring sports bag.  


  • PLUS 5
    Provides an easy to clean surface, eliminating the need for waxes and polishes, saving you time and money. With Plus 5 your vehicle paintwork is protected against the damage caused by bird & bat droppings.
  • PLUS 5
    Provides protection against permanent staining caused by common food and drink spills including water, coffee, soda and milk.
  • PLUS 5
    Penetrates and seals the treated surface protecting against permanent stains from common food & drink spills.
  • PLUS 5
    Seals the treated surface to help prevent cracking and splitting caused by UV damage.