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The World's Most Advanced Vehicle Protection System

Protektiv paint surface coating is so outstanding that it’s been certified to meet the Boeing D6-17487 specification. This means it’s been tested, proven and certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products.


  • Incredible level of gloss and reflectivity
  • Protects against common environmental contaminants 
  • Abrasion resistant properties 
  • Helps reduce vehicle maintenance 

Protektiv paint surface coating is also available to purchase alongside a superior range of interior products.

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  • Abrasion Resistant Properties
  • Deepest Shine
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Lifetime Warranty
Protektiv Vehicle Protection

Protektiv Paint Surface Coating Benefits:

  • Abrasion resistant properties
  • Helps prevent permanent damage caused by water marks and sunscreen
  • Revolutionary high gloss finish
  • Resists extremely high temperatures
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance 
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer
  • Protects against damage caused by common environmental contaminants
  • UV inhibitors prevent UV induced discolouration and fading
  • Professionally applied 
  • National lifetime warranty*

How It Works:

  • Protektiv is manufactured using nano particles and silica dioxide.
  • Silica dioxide is the same material that’s used in the glass manufacture process
  • Silica dioxide creates greater light refraction - producing a reflective rich gloss shine
  • The Protektiv ingredients form a precise and uniform layer, giving excellent water and oil repellence and helping prevent stains on the vehicle’s paintwork
  • Once applied, Protektiv develops a strong chemical bond, cross linking during the curing process
  • This offers excellent durability 
*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. 

Protektiv Product Details

  • PROTEKTIV is so outstanding that it’s been certified to meet Boeing D6-17487 specification.
    This means it’s been tested, proven and certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products
  • This coating is a resilient and effective stain barrier against commonly consumed food and liquids it also helps provide protection against surface dehydration caused by UV damage.
  • Provides an easy to clean surface and acts as a resilient and effective stain barrier against commonly consumed food and drink spills.
  • Purpose built for vinyl surfaces this coating provides an easy to clean surface and helps protect against cracking and discolouration caused by the harmful effects of UV.


I purchased Protektiv inside and outside my car on my new Hyundai about 9months ago. I was a little sceptical at first but I am so so glad I did it. My car is immaculate, so shiny and easy to keep clean. I've purchased two new cars in the past and not had protection put on and I can certainly see the difference. I feel like the 2k I spent on this and tint has been worth every penny spent and it's defently given me peace of mind and I believe I will get my money return when I re sell my car down the track. I defiantly reccomend it to all my family and friends! Amazing technology, it has done everything the girl said it would do so far. - Jimmy, Aug 2016

Protektiv = 5 Stars. I bought a Volkswagen Polo and I purchased the protektiv (paint, fabric, tint warranty) and I am actually so happy with it. It makes washing my car actually enjoyable. My car hardly gets dirty and its good to know I don't have to spend the extra $$ to wax and polish it. Unfortunately I had a stain on my seat from some food (I know, it's meant to prevent staining but maybe they missed that spot?) however, motorone handles my claim with ease and it was fixed within 24 hours. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend purchasing it on a new car.
- Rosie, Feb 2016

Protektiv - wouldn't have a car without it! I recently purchased a Veloster Turbo second hand from a dealer and have had paint protection on previous cars (Xpack) and I thought that was great and when the consultant started talking to me about having my new car treated it was definitely a no brainer. When I went to pick up my new car I actually walked straight past it in the yard. The paint protection had increased the shine on it and I thought it was a different car! I thought it was a new car and i had purchased a car that was 3 years old!
Protektiv is the best paint protection I have ever had. I thought that Xpack was great. Protektiv is amazing!! - Chelle Aug 2016

Complement your Protektiv package

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