High Performance Exterior Coating 

With MotorOne’s High Performance Exterior Coating you can spend less time washing your vehicle and more time doing the things you love!

What is High Performance Exterior Surface Coating?

MotorOne’s High Performance Surface Coating is a professionally applied product. Unlike traditional paint sealants, waxes & polishes which break down over time, MotorOne’s high performance surface coatings provide exceptional long term protection against the damage caused by tree sap, bird & bat droppings and harmful UV rays. 

Check out Protektiv HYDRO, our most popular High Performance Exterior Surface Coating.

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 Overtime your vehicles paintwork will dull 

  • Due to environmental laws, vehicle manufacturers use water-based paints
  • This leaves the surface of the vehicle prone to harmful environmental elements
  • Factors such as the suns UV rays, tree sap, bird & bat droppings all lead to an increased risk of fading and oxidisation
  • With time you’ll notice a significant loss of shine


MotorOne’s High Performance Surface Coating
  • Comprehensive, permanent protection against environmental elements
  • Provides a barrier against the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter
  • Provides an outstanding brilliant shine
  • Once off application 
  • Lifetime warranty*
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Why you need exterior protection

  • Once off application

    No re-application required as it won't break down over time

  • Hand-applied by trained professionals

    So you don’t have to waste your valuable time

  • Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty*

    MotorOne have never dishonored a valid warranty claim

  • Eliminates the need to wax and polish

    Giving you time to do the things you love

  • No annual inspections

    Making life easier for you!

  • Provides protection against environmental factors

    Such as bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter

  • Offers protection against UV discoloration

    Caused by the sun's powerful UV rays

  • Utilises Nanotechnology

    Providing the most comprehensive protection available

*Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.