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Would definitely purchase again! I purchased my beautiful Audi Q3, spending 50k on my car I was convinced to spend a little bit more to protect it and get that lifetime warranty. I got everything, exterior, interior, cancer council tint and the repair membership. This car is darker than my last but I've found it much easier to keep cleaner and I'm not worried about the damage bird stain can cause when it's parked outside during the day. I still have that new car smell and having small children means the no food and drink policy went out the window quick smart so the interior protection has been great. I've already used the repair membership for a scuff mark so I was thankful the lady convinced me to include that in the pack. Been very worth while - Lee, Aug 2016

You'd be an idiot not to buy this! I purchased a new car from Joe Crisafio Kia in Perth and spent the little extra to protect my car. I got dark knight tint and full interior and exterior Protektiv. I leave my car on a busy Main road all day while I'm at work and the dirt and dust just wiped straight off. Being a bright red car it really does make it so much easier to keep looking clean without having to wash it every week. I would very highly recommend it to anyone and 100% will be getting it on my future cars. - Frank, Sept 2016

Just an absolute pleasure! Im a very skeptical person when it comes to these sort of products, and I really like to do my homework before I make a decision. A salesman suggested the Protektiv for my car as he knows I am fussy with the way it looks.. It took me a while to make a choice as there is a lot of bad reviews out there for similar products, but please don 't compare them to the quality of Protektiv as they are not the same. I will mention I did have a tiny issue with the interior upon delivery but as soon as I called MotorOne they were informative, swift and professional in rectifying the issue. I am glad I made the choice to get the product and did I forgot to mention good bye to all the wax and polish! As they say its just an absolute pleasure - Eugine, Sept 2016

I purchased Protektiv inside and outside my car on my new Hyundai about 9months ago. I was a little sceptical at first but I am so so glad I did it. My car is immaculate, so shiny and easy to keep clean. I've purchased two new cars in the past and not had protection put on and I can certainly see the difference. I feel like the 2k I spent on this and tint has been worth every penny spent and it's defently given me peace of mind and I believe I will get my money return when I re sell my car down the track. I defiantly reccomend it to all my family and friends! Amazing technology, it has done everything the girl said it would do so far. - Jimmy, Aug 2016

Protektiv = 5 Stars. I bought a Volkswagen Polo and I purchased the protektiv (paint, fabric, tint warranty) and I am actually so happy with it. It makes washing my car actually enjoyable. My car hardly gets dirty and its good to know I don't have to spend the extra $$ to wax and polish it. Unfortunately I had a stain on my seat from some food (I know, it's meant to prevent staining but maybe they missed that spot?) however, motorone handles my claim with ease and it was fixed within 24 hours. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend purchasing it on a new car.
- Rosie, Feb 2016

Protektiv - wouldn't have a car without it! I recently purchased a Veloster Turbo second hand from a dealer and have had paint protection on previous cars (Xpack) and I thought that was great and when the consultant started talking to me about having my new car treated it was definitely a no brainer. When I went to pick up my new car I actually walked straight past it in the yard. The paint protection had increased the shine on it and I thought it was a different car! I thought it was a new car and i had purchased a car that was 3 years old!
Protektiv is the best paint protection I have ever had. I thought that Xpack was great. Protektiv is amazing!! - Chelle Aug 2016

Lifetime Warranty? Yes Please! Bought this on my new car and sons car. Got a great deal, really enjoyed the presentation, they even through in tint. Very nice ladies, surface coating really makes a difference. I will continue to buy this product.
- Stevie, Feb 2016

I was honestly I bit skeptical on purchasing permanent vehicle protection – but so happy that I did, 12 months later and the leather interior in my car (aka the family taxi) still looks brand new! - Karen, Aug 2012

I just had MotorOne applied on my new Mazda 3 and love it. My interior and exterior surfaces stay cleaner for longer and washing and vacuuming my vehicle is now a quick and easy process. - Steffanie, July 2014

I recently purchased X-PACK on my new Ford Territory. This was the first time I’d ever purchased a product like this and I can honestly say I notice the difference.
- Andrew, Feb 2013

I have been a member since 2009 and have used the service on at least 4 occasions and have not been disappointed. I would recommend the smart guys to any one purchasing a new car. - Wayne, Jan 2014

Since having SMARTKOTE applied to my new car I have noticed that it does stay cleaner for longer and when I do wash my car, it’s a much quicker and easier process. - Jemma, Nov 2013

The MotorOne interior protection has been a lifesaver – having kids in the backseat, drinks spilling and food being dropped on the car floor happens constantly, but with the protected surface I can just wipe it clean without it staining. - Shea, Jun 2013

If you travel a bit in your car, I would strongly recommend the MotorOne paint protection. I had it done on my Mazda CX-9 and it’s fantastic. After travelling from Sydney to Cairns with a caravan, some ‘light’ off road 4WDing, and plenty of dodgy tracks, once quickly washed the car looks like brand new. - Matthew, Mar 2014

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of spending time and money constantly washing your car, then I would highly recommend these products! I use to hate washing my car, but now with MotorOne I don’t have to wash my car nearly as much as it stays cleaner for longer – awesome! - Jessica, May 2013

I have had paint protection before, and although it worked, because it was mouse based, it started to degrade over time and I don't think it worked much given I kept the car for 6 years. In January this year they brought out Protektiv Paint Protection, and wow, it is incredible! The last said it has ceramic silica dioxide in it, which has all the glass properties, and has been tested and certified through Boeing. it is so easy for me to keep clean. I was a bit skeptical because of they other paint protection I had, and given I always keep my car in the garage, but Protektiv is absolutely incredible, and I would buy over and over again in a heart beat! - Darian, Dec 2016

Bought new Black Jeep Grand Cherokee 28 January 2016 from Peter Warren Warwick Farm.I advised them to get the best of breed paint, dash and fabric protection and they install Protektiv protection. Even after 1 year and 5 Months still shines like new. All i do is wash the SUV once a fortnight with warm Protektiv Shampoo and dry it off with leather cloth.
Pain Protection = SUPER Best
Dash Protection = Best
Fabric Protection hmmm just ok
Only 1 issues where can i order replacement Protektiv Shampoo? - Ali, June 2017

I've had my Mazda for 12 months now and got the protektiv package for the inside and outside of my car. I'll admit I was sceptical at first after doing some research but i was assured by a close friend who had a good experience! I'm so glad I went with this extra feature as my red car still looks as good as when I first bought it, and the low maintenance is perfect for someone like me who is often too busy to clean it!! I would definitely recommend to everyone buying a beautiful new car. - Emma, May 2017

I would like to thank Tanya and her team for her excellent customer service. Tanya was very friendly and helpful booking the car in and on my arrival at the workshop. My car was quickly attended to and the whole experience left me happy and relaxed. I have already recommended your business to a neighbour this afternoon.
Many thanks to Tanya and the staff. Great service.
- Jane, Aug 2017